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SHANA RUBIN, LMHC – Founder & Advisor

Shana was a new mom with a 3-month-old son when she saw that pregnant woman on the street and wanted to help. She knew how difficult the process was and wanted to see if there was some way that she could help. As a psychotherapist who has been working in the mental health/social work field for over 15 years, most of her work has been helping women with all levels of trauma to form support systems and gain resources that are a vital part of their resilience.

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ALLISON STONE – Executive Director & Co-Founder

Allison is a native New Yorker who loves living in the City, and has always had a desire to give back to her community. When she met Shana, she was excited that she had found a way—one that was close to her heart as a new parent. Allison brings to NYCMGB more than a good heart; she brings years of experience in advertising and most recently, in the catering business.


SARA RAISNER – Founding Board Member and Board Secretary

Sara is a mom and lifelong New Yorker whose initial involvement with NYCGB was picking up some of our very first donations in her car. She quickly became part of our nuclear team. By day, Sara is a full-time securities litigation and enforcement attorney. She brings that same focus and ethic of excellence to NYCMGB to help propel us forward and upward.

Amy Sullivan Headshot.jpg

AMY SULLIVAN – Chief Development Officer

Amy's career spans nearly two decades in non profit events management and fundraising in New York City. After the birth of her son she wanted to solely focus on organizations that were close to her heart. She brings her unique skill set to NYCMGB and looks forward to taking the organization's philanthropic efforts to the next level. 




Caroline is a mother of two who is passionate about New York City. She knows that raising children here can be both rewarding and hard, and loves putting her skills to use as the NYCMGB Program Manager. Caroline has a law degree and is an active participant in the New York City visual arts community.

Aviva Lockshin Headshot.jpg

AVIVA LOCKSIN – Program Director

Aviva Lauren Lockshin is a native New Yorker and proud mama of two adorable little girls. In addition to her work as a graduate student and college instructor, Aviva loves dedicating her time to helping other mamas. She is the primary donations coordinator for NYC Mammas Give Back, and helps ensure that every item donated finds a loving new home with a child who needs it. 


NATALIE GRUPPUSO – Program Manager

Natalie is a portrait photographer who lives in NYC with her daughter and husband. She is passionate about social justice and healthy living. She got involved with NYC Mammas through a relationship she made at a La Leche group and started to volunteer her time. She is now a dedicated member of the team.

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ANASTASIA ARTEN – Creative Director

Anastasia Arten is a native New Yorker who fell in love with the NYCMGB mission from the beginning. She's worked in advertising & design for many years and has used her talents to help bring the NYCMGB logo and branding to life. She's passionate about helping others and loves offering her expertise to this movement. 



Mandy Liu, CPA, is a working mom in New York City. She went through a tough pregnancy in 2015. Mandy thinks she would not be able to make it through without the support from her family, friends and colleagues. She wanted to give same kind of support back to the community. She stumbled on NYCMGB's website while she was googling for a volunteer opportunity where she can offer her expertise in accounting. She started working for NYCMGB on finance and accounting since 2016.